Friday, October 7, 2011

Travel Journal - 1

One of the places I've always wanted to visit was Canada. I had so many opportunities to visit when I lived on the east coast but never went. So I think my first "big" vacation will be to Canada. I've been doing some research and I found that I think I would like to visit Calgary.

I did some research online and located some images and it reminds me so much of the east coast. I also wanted to find some places where you can rent a place instead of a hotel. One site I came upon was Rent Calgary. At first I thought it was what I was looking for but it was more for finding a home. I still looked though and found that a lot of the homes for rent or purchase in Calgary are not badly priced. Looking at the site made me wonder how easy it would be for me to just move to another country.

Travel Journals

I've decided to start a travel journal here on my blog. I've always enjoyed travleing but ever since I moved to the west coast, I haven't traveled much. So each week I'm going to feature someplace I would like to visit some day. It may be somewhere in the United States but it may also be somewhere abroad. I hope someday I will be able to visit most of these places on my list. Tonight will be my first travel journal. I hope you enjoy :-)


The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Cooking is my favorite hobby. I learned to cook when I was a little girl by watching my mom and grandma cook family dinners. When I went to college, my roommates and I would have dinner parties at our apartment and I would do all of the cooking. When I got married, my husband gained 25 pounds and he blamed it on my cooking. I love watching Food Network to learn new recipes. We recently got satellite internet from, so I recently started looking up recipes online. I have a large cookbook of recipes I have tried and liked. I can honestly say that there are only a handful of recipes that I disliked over the years. My favorite thing to cook is dessert. I guess you could say that baking is my forte. Whenever we got to a family event where we have to bring something, I am always asked to bring dessert. I really like making cupcakes and it is a dream of mine to open up a bakery, but for now I will continue to cook for my family.