Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Above average college student cooking

Guest post written by Ann May

Whenever you think about college student cooking, I'm sure that just grilling a grilled cheese sandwich or heating up some leftover pizza in a microwave is probably what you're thinking about. Well, that's definitely not the case for me. I love to cook. I have ever since I could remember. I was always helping my mom out in the kitchen one way or another and now I can actually fend for myself if I have to as a result.
I'm always finding new and good recipes though. I was doing that online the other day when I ran across the site I looked through it and emailed it to my dad. He complains about his home internet service so much that I thought he could switch over to it.
I think that the cornerstone of any college student cooking is stir fry. I love throwing some veggies, chicken and a dash of soy sauce into it to really give it some flavor. Plus, it's about the easiest thing out there to fix. I'm all about quick cooking.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Find Comfort in Dr. Scholl's High Heel Insoles

After a whirlwind week of traveling from city to city for work and walking through different airports, I came home to find Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. These were especially a blessing to me because throughout the work week and even sometimes on the weekend I wear heels. Sometimes 4-5 inch heels when going out. Due to traveling, I had to wear sneakers or flats all week and with a high insole, by the end of the week my feet were in pain.

All last week I wore my Dr. Scholl's insoles and I felt like I was in heaven. My feet did not hurt and I was able to walk from the parking lot to meet my friends for a girls night out with no worries at all.

All I can say is 'Thank You Dr. Scholl's'. Your High Heel Insoles have become a staple in my shoe closet.

DISCLAIMER: Although I did receive a product sample from BzzAgent, this review is based on my free and honest opinion

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Almost Halloween...

What!? you say. Well I said the same thing when I walked into the store this evening and saw Halloween candy already out.
Well, if it's not too soon for the candy, it can't be too soon for the costumes either can it?
Last year my son wanted to be a mummy. I had a bright idea that I would make it myself to make it look almost real. Although I was rather proud of my costume making skills, I did hurt myself quite a bit, don't ask...LOL. This year I decided to leave it to the professionals.
This year his costume came from Wholesale Costume Club where there is a wide variety of well made Halloween costumes for kids. I am quite excited this year because he starts kindergarten and the kids actually get to show off their costumes at school. You must understand, the last few years when I would pick him up for pre-school, I would have to dress him in the car or bathroom so that he could trick or treat at my job. Not this year though. He can wear it all day.
Since the love of Star Wars is big in my house, he was excited when he saw that he could choose from multiple Star Wars costumes. The costume he chose was the Anakin Skywalker costume.
He was so excited when it came. The quality of the costume was great. It didn't feel like other costumes that I've seen in the stores. It felt like something he could wear out and it is breathable which is important. I was also very impressed with the fact that the color of the costume when it arrived matched the colors in the picture. Oftentimes, you will receive a product in the mail that was ordered online and there is a slight color variation. Not with this product, it was perfect. Because the impeccable quality and inexpensive prices of Wholesale Costume Club's costumes, I will be shopping there for his Halloween costumes from now on.

Disclaimer: Although this product was received for review purposes from Wholesale Halloween Costume Club, these are my honest opinions and I was in no other way compensated to publish this post.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Packing lightly for a multi-city business trip...

When it comes to traveling I used to enjoy it a lot. But now with all the TSA rules, it’s not much fun anymore. What’s even less fun is a multi-city trip in one week for work. Traveling from  moderate temperature to a cooler temperature to a very hot and humid temperature. My problem here is the packing and packing light.

I have never been someone to pack very light. I have a love for shoes. I think you can say it’s a borderline addiction. I often think I’m going to come home one day and my friends are going to be sitting around the room with letters in their hands for an intervention for my shoe addiction. All this being said, I always seem to think I need a pair of shoes for every outfit when I travel. Not to mention having choices for each day. Then I seem to have to pack a 2-weeks’ worth of undergarments for a 3 day trip, imagine how many I pack for a full week. You would think I have “accidents” all the time. Then of course the toiletries, the makeup, jewelry and did I say the multiple choices of outfits for each day.

So how did I manage to pack a week’s worth of traveling for work in one little carry on without having to compromise with myself? This was a challenge. These are the tWhen it comes to traveling I used to enjoy it a lot. But now with all the TSA rules, it’s not much fun anymore. What’s even less fun is a multi-city trip in one week for work. 

   For multi-city trips think about the weather in both places. Can you wear the same types of clothing in both cities. 
   take a light-weight sweater for the cooler nights but wear it on the flight.
   As far as shoes go, think about whether or not you can wear the same shoe you wear on the flight to work. If you can, you have now freed up some space in your carry on.
   For toiletries, make sure to get the travel size and one of each can carry you very far. Also, remember most hotel rooms provide lotion, shampoo and conditioner as well as soap so you don't have to necessarily carry those.
   For makeup, choose a color that will be versatile throughout the whole week. I learned this the hard way. There's really no need to carry my whole makeup bag when I normally only wear a couple shades.

These were some of the tips I used when packing for my trip. Let me tell you, it helped tremendously. My carry-on was never too heavy, in fact it was lighter than my laptop bag. Plus I didn't have to pay to check my bag, worry that it may not reach my destination and then wait to retrieve it once I arrived. 

Hope these tips will help some of you like it helped me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

GINGER: The Root to Good Health

I grew up on the island of Jamaica until I was 13 years of age. Although I’ve spent more years in the United States, there are certain things that I have carried with me through the years that I either heard or learned from my grandmothers, aunts and my mother. Some of these teachings include health remedies.

I remember growing up, whenever I had a stomachache or a headache my mother or grandmother would make a cup of ginger tea for me. Drinking ginger tea has become so commonplace for me that I have gotten my husband into drinking it and I gave a little to my son one day when he said he had a tummy ache.

In the Jamaican household ginger is a staple. Most Jamaicans will have the raw ginger root on hand but at times when you cannot find it there is also ginger powder. Most Jamaicans also cook with a lot of ginger. When I think about it, I don’t think it’s just to add flavor. I think it may also be to avoid heartburn. I know that sounds far-fetched but when I eat my mom’s cooking or most Jamaican food that has been cooked with ginger I don’t get heartburn.

There are other illnesses that Jamaican ginger is known to remedy. Some are more known than others. One of the most popular is nausea. I keep a stash of ginger tea on hand. I also like a blend of lemon and ginger. Whenever I think I may be getting a stomachache or even menstrual cramps, I drink ginger tea. When I have a really bad headache I drink ginger tea and it relaxes me. I always find myself saying to friends, when they say they feel nauseous or have a tummy ache, ‘ginger…’

In Jamaica, some older people would use ginger as an anti-inflammatory or for arthritis. Ginger is also known to fight against certain types of cancer, mainly ovarian cancer. To go along with the idea of nausea and cancer, ginger will help with chemotherapy treatments. I’ve heard that nausea is one of the side effects from chemotherapy. Using ginger, whether in tea for or capsule form before and after treatment, can reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting during treatments.

Ginger can and is often used in many different forms. In Jamaica, it is often used as the root. Peeled and boiled for tea or for a topical rub. Ginger can also be used as a powder in hot or cold drinks and can be taken in capsule form. I will always recommend ginger to people even when they aren’t ill. I find it very soothing when I have a headache and I would rather take that than medicine.