Monday, July 18, 2011

Major Bookstore Chain closing

For those of us who enjoy reading, keep watching out for sales to come at Borders. Today we learned that one of the biggest bookstore chains in the U.S. has decided to close all their stores. That makes me sad because I always liked Borders. It also means quite a bit of people will be out of jobs so our countries unemployment will not be going down. I'm sure it will take a while but based on the article on Yahoo, it says "Borders will begin closing down its remaining stores as soon as Friday, and the liquidation is expected to run through September." 

If you love a good book sale, I say start saving up because there will probably be a lot of sales from now until they close. 

I'll pose a question to you readers. Do you think e-readers are what is driving bookstores out of business? I still know quite a few people who will only read regular books. I myself still buy regular books even though I have an e-reader. 

What do you think? Here's the article if you are interested

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  1. Hi Sapphire,

    I don't really think it's e-readers. I think it's got more to do with more people buying books online from Amazon and the Book Depository. Books are so easy to buy online -- no need to worry about getting the size wrong like clothes.

    It's such a shame too because I looooooooooooove Borders. It's just closed down here in Australia as well.

    : (