Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Almost Halloween...

What!? you say. Well I said the same thing when I walked into the store this evening and saw Halloween candy already out.
Well, if it's not too soon for the candy, it can't be too soon for the costumes either can it?
Last year my son wanted to be a mummy. I had a bright idea that I would make it myself to make it look almost real. Although I was rather proud of my costume making skills, I did hurt myself quite a bit, don't ask...LOL. This year I decided to leave it to the professionals.
This year his costume came from Wholesale Costume Club where there is a wide variety of well made Halloween costumes for kids. I am quite excited this year because he starts kindergarten and the kids actually get to show off their costumes at school. You must understand, the last few years when I would pick him up for pre-school, I would have to dress him in the car or bathroom so that he could trick or treat at my job. Not this year though. He can wear it all day.
Since the love of Star Wars is big in my house, he was excited when he saw that he could choose from multiple Star Wars costumes. The costume he chose was the Anakin Skywalker costume.
He was so excited when it came. The quality of the costume was great. It didn't feel like other costumes that I've seen in the stores. It felt like something he could wear out and it is breathable which is important. I was also very impressed with the fact that the color of the costume when it arrived matched the colors in the picture. Oftentimes, you will receive a product in the mail that was ordered online and there is a slight color variation. Not with this product, it was perfect. Because the impeccable quality and inexpensive prices of Wholesale Costume Club's costumes, I will be shopping there for his Halloween costumes from now on.

Disclaimer: Although this product was received for review purposes from Wholesale Halloween Costume Club, these are my honest opinions and I was in no other way compensated to publish this post.

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