Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Above average college student cooking

Guest post written by Ann May

Whenever you think about college student cooking, I'm sure that just grilling a grilled cheese sandwich or heating up some leftover pizza in a microwave is probably what you're thinking about. Well, that's definitely not the case for me. I love to cook. I have ever since I could remember. I was always helping my mom out in the kitchen one way or another and now I can actually fend for myself if I have to as a result.
I'm always finding new and good recipes though. I was doing that online the other day when I ran across the site I looked through it and emailed it to my dad. He complains about his home internet service so much that I thought he could switch over to it.
I think that the cornerstone of any college student cooking is stir fry. I love throwing some veggies, chicken and a dash of soy sauce into it to really give it some flavor. Plus, it's about the easiest thing out there to fix. I'm all about quick cooking.

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